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Social Content Planning

Social Content Planning with ease


Three ‘e’s to be exact.

Let’s just say it, it’s a weird time to be creating and planning social content.

Regardless of industry, niche or intended audience, we are working within unprecedented circumstances. As a result, many businesses are in a holding pattern; unable to open at all or innovatively pivoting operations to stay afloat. With so many people experiencing financial uncertainty, health anxiety and the fall out of global unease, knowing what to say socially can be overwhelming, to say the least. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be.

The point of all social content is to create connection.

 Whether you’re offering advice, telling a story or delivering a call to action, the ultimate goal should be connection. If you haven’t built a relationship with your audience, the ability of your content to convert is very unlikely.

This is why I use the 3 Es of content development in my planning. Each ‘e’ is based on a type of connection.


Let’s chat a bit about types of content.


Most content will either fall into two buckets: curated or created, with a few variations of each mixed in. Curated content is material sourced externally, meaning you didn’t create it. 80% of your social feeds is likely curated content. User-generated content, where you share content about you that was posted by someone else, is a sub-set of curated content. Created content, on the other hand, is original content, created, generated and written by you. Earned content, where a news source or publication quotes or features you is a sub-set of created content. 

In this article, I’m going to take you through the 3 Es of Content Development. The 3 Es are actually a content creation tool I use quite regularly when creating content plans for my clients. I used them in pre-crisis times and will return to them in post-crisis times as well. They take on a bit of a different vibe now, but the concepts behind each one can help build a strong content strategy regardless of the global atmosphere.  

Essentially, the 3 Es are based on the Know, Like, Trust principle of running a business.

Now, let’s get into it.

 #1: Emotional Connections 

Emotional Connections for social content planning

 The Know. Emotional connections are those that elicit a shared emotional response between the viewer and the poster. It is important to note that not all of your audience will connect with everything you post. That is OK.

Look for something that elicits the type of emotion in you that you’re trying to provide for your audience.  

During times of crisis, people are looking to sources they trust to help justify their own feelings. In this particular crisis situation, people can be feeling any number of emotions. These may include fear, sadness, anger, hopelessness, gratitude, feelings of overwhelm, worry or any number of additional emotions within those spectrums. 

The types of curated emotional connection content that work best are:

  • Strong and impactful, yet supportive quotes
  • Photos/images that elicit positive responses (beautiful places, happy memories, likeable activities/actions
  • Local and national feel-good stories 

If you’re looking for examples of curated emotional content, you can check out my Pinterest board here.

The types of created emotional connection content that work best are:

  • Personal messages via video or photo with caption
  • An impactful and supportive original quote
  • Behind the scenes photos of how your team is supporting each other or others within the community


#2: Educational Connections


Educational Connections for social content planning


The Trust. During this uncertain time, many businesses have adopted a ‘serve, don’t sell’ methodology for their social content planning. In other words, they have opted to deliver content that is aimed at enhancing their audience’s feeds. For many, this will include supplying and directing educational resources.


Sharing impactful sources of information can help to establish you, and by extension, your business, as an expert within your niche. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are sharing from trusted sources. Be sure to thoroughly read and verify sourcing before sharing educational resources. Share direct links, do not make your audience search for content from your source.

The types of curated educational content that work best are:

  • Niche supporting or locally relevant news articles, books, e-books, podcasts, or press releases
  • Infographics
  • User-generated posts showing how a suggested resource was helpful 

If you’re looking for examples of curated educational content, you can check out my Pinterest board here.


The types of created educational content that work best are: 

  • Niche-centric original blog or vlog posts
  • Original infographics
  • Original photos with educational captions/messages
  • Niche focused live videos/segments
  • Earned content pieces where you have been featured as an expert



#3: Entertainment Connections


Entertainment Connections for social content planning

The Like. This final E of social content planning, is the one where you can connect with your audience on a personal level. The type of entertainment content you post will typically reveal a great deal about your personality. Sense of humour is a common source of bonding between people and your connection through social humour is no different.

Many accounts are dedicated solely to this content sub-section. While it isn’t necessary for all of your posts to make your audience laugh, it is worthwhile to include posts that will display your personality.

The goal here is to create relatability with your intended audience.  

Your likability factor will largely depend on how your audience feels when engaging with your content. Specifically, your entertainment connection content. Try to avoid polarizing content.

The types of curated entertainment content that work best are: 

  • Funny (but respectful) quotes, stats, comics or memes (static images)
  • Interesting and amusing videos
  • Feel-good amusing stories, local or national

If you’re looking for examples of curated educational content, you can check out my Pinterest board here.


The types of created entertainment content that work best are:

  •  Behind the Scenes photos or videos
  • Original infographics with an amusing content base
  • Timely posts based on viral trends

How to implement the 3 Es

Using only the 3Es can make a very impactful social content strategy. To have maximum impact, however, you will need to infuse promotional content and calls to action. Given the current crisis situation and the current status of your business offerings, including sales messaging at this time may not make sense. However, in the absence of a clear sales message, these social content planning branding prompts can prove very helpful in maintaining a relationship with your audience while on temporary hiatus.

If you’d like to discuss how to use the 3Es to build a social content plan for your business, or how to pivot your current strategy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to book a complimentary meeting, I’d love to hear what you’re up to!  If you do use any of the content in the Pinterest boards, be sure to tag me @everydayimbranding on Instagram or Facebook so I can share your posts!



Social media content got you down?

Social media content got you down?

You’re not alone if the thought of creating social media content makes you cringe!

Making a choice to create consistent social media content will have huge effects on your business, if you do it correctly, but building new habits takes time.

The most important step is getting started!! Here are a few tips and tricks to consider as you move forward:

Consistency is key

Don’t worry if you’ve already missed a few days of the month, in fact, don’t worry if you miss a few each week!  Aim to post 3-4 times/week to start.  Honestly, you may even find that is the ideal frequency for you forever. As long as you post consistently and stay on brand, the frequency is less important.  Choose topics and post types that are easily executable for you and don’t be afraid to batch, ie. create content for several posts at once, which will save time and energy!

You don’t have to recreate the wheel

Look for curated content (content created by others that you can easily share), as long as you include a personal caption that ties it back to you or your brand, it will have impact!  Try google searches for popular quotes, motivational quotes, memes or even search by platform, ie. Instagram images.  You can find some pretty cool graphics this way!  Make sure to give credit to any photos or graphics where source is stated.

Patience is the other key

It takes time to build an engaged following.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a lot of traction right away.  The main thing is that you’re adding content, and whether people engage with it or not, they are seeing it and seeing you and your brand.  Think of it this way, if you’re telling a story face to face, just because the recipient doesn’t interrupt at every pause to tell you they are listening doesn’t mean they’re not.  Your audience is there and they are listening, just make sure you’re giving them enough of the story to keep their attention.

Get over yourself

It is daunting and overwhelming to post content that features you, but you have to do it!  Think of your social platforms as virtual networking events.  You wouldn’t show up at an event without showing your face, would you?  Potential clients want to know YOU.  While that doesn’t mean your entire feed needs to be your face, you should make regular appearances.  The more informal the better!  Let your audience get to know you, and chances are, they will like you too.  People do business with people they like.

To get started, take a lot of selfies, delete them if you must, but get comfortable taking them.  Start taking a few small videos, delete those too if you feel uncomfortable watching them, but keep doing it until you’re ready to start watching them, then start posting them.  Remember, it shouldn’t be perfect!  Think of the people you find the most influential on social media, chances are it is because you can relate to them!

So, that’s it, stop reading, grab your camera, take a selfie or a video, search for a cool quote or photo and get posting!

If you have any questions about any of these tips or tricks, please feel free to get in touch!

Happy posting!

East Coast Dance Academy

East Coast Dance Academy

Website : ECDA

Andrea was looking for a total revamp of the ECDA site. Using footage from various performances, we created a dynamic video compilation to use as the featured slider, capturing viewer attention immediately as they enter the site.

The site also features several animated photo galleries, online registration, studio information, class descriptions and teacher bios. We brought in their instagram feed to bring more attention to their social media and also allowing for new content to appear every time a viewer revisits the site.

The look is clean and the punch of movement when you visit the site really brings the entire project to life!

Brand Fan Girling – Sandra Pike

Brand Fan Girling – Sandra Pike

Sandra Pike has a background in marketing, and it’s obvious.

She entered the realty industry eight years ago, after working in a variety of fields. Her pursuits included law enforcement, group home counselling and franchise ownership before breaking into the realty industry as an advertising sales representative.  It didn’t take long before she realized that what she really needed to do, was become an agent herself.

So, she did…with gusto.

If you mention Sandra or her brand persona, ‘Deals in Heels’ to anyone in the Halifax region, they’ll know who you mean. Chances are, they, or someone they know, has recently worked with her to buy or sell their home.

It wasn’t always an easy road though.

At first, Sandra’s forward-thinking approach to real estate marketing had many in the industry scratching their heads.  Despite this doubt, Sandra forged into the unknown, and created a path that has helped her become one of the most well-known real estate agents in the area.  Her tenacity has led to multiple speaking opportunities, recognition on a national and international level and the creation of a highly successful team of her own, The Pike Group.

So, what is her secret, you may ask?

Well, as Sandra says, “it’s social”.

Social media, that is.  When she entered the industry, she started sharing any and all accomplishments on her social media platforms.  Her ‘centre of influence’; family, friends and close acquaintances took it from there and shared these achievements.  This was all it took to get the ball rolling.  From there, she began adding custom graphics and positioning to her posts. This attracted more engagement and a growing following. Leading to a referral frenzy that continues to fuel her business today.

It took four years in the industry to build up the courage to launch her brand persona, ‘Deals in Heels’. As an avid shoe lover and collector, this persona allowed Sandra to connect with potential clients on a personal level, one that was authentic to her, and it worked.

“Branding is your connection to yourself and your clients.”  Sandra says in reference to her brand persona, Deals in Heels.

A consummate trend setter, Sandra began introducing selfies, virtual walk throughs, entertaining video segments and drone incorporation in her listings.

She was disrupting the Halifax real estate market and people were noticing. Lots of people, including executives at Facebook, who contacted her to become the first realtor in the world to initiate their artificial intelligence chatbox program on her website.

To stay top of mind, Sandra and her team use a mix of platforms to engage with their clients.

She treats Facebook as her storefront, where she posts new listings, events she is hosting and an ever-mounting number of success stories.  Instagram is her relationship building portal, where she shows her personality through authentic content, infused with nods to mainstream fashion and fun video segments.

As her team grows, Sandra accredits consistency and industry leading service standards to their continued success.  Her authentic approach to her business, her brand and her life, is apparent in her success.

Success, not only as a real estate agent, but also as a social media disruptor, industry trend setter, educator and overall Powerhouse, in heels.

Content Creation is Queen

Content Creation is Queen

Here is what I know about content creation:

Content creation, that is, the planning, developing and scheduling of content takes time and energy. Time and energy that, for most business owners, they would rather use elsewhere.

That’s where I come in.

I help business owners reach their ideal markets through thoughtful and conversion-driven content creation.

Throughout my career, I have worked with over 60 brands and have created content for countless websites and social media accounts. As a result, I have developed a unique and proprietary approach to social media strategy and planning.

In it, I use a customized matrix comprised of elements from each of my proven content quadrants. Client content plans maximize the reach, engagement and conversion ability of each social media posting.

Each content plan begins with a monthly content calendar. The calendar has a detailed outline of weekly themes and a suggested daily post topics combining both curated and created items. Customized content designed to speak to their target base, allows for more engagement and interaction.

Clients have raved about the freedom that these plans have created. In fact, they have revelled at the hours that have opened up to focus on the revenue generating activities they enjoy most. If you’d like to chat about your content creation plan, please reach out!

Brand Fan Girling – Sole Sisters Race Series

Brand Fan Girling – Sole Sisters Race Series

Welcome to the Brand Fan Girling series!

Stacy Chestnutt, Race Director for the Sole Sisters race series, has completed 60 marathons5 ultra-marathons and 8 Ironman competitions.  

She is a machine.

Stacy has always been a runner, but she didn’t always want to be a Race Director.  In fact, her debut in race direction was simply meant to be a fundraising vehicle for her passion project. Girls Gone Gazelle is an organization that focuses on building self-confidence for girls through exercise and community during a very crucial point in their development.

How it started


That first Sole Sisters race, the one that was intended to be a one-time initiative to raise much needed funds, took on a life of its own. It had a perfectly positioned focus, catchy name and inclusive approach. The event was not only a massively success, it was the birth of a community of women working toward a common goal; building confidence through communal movement and physical activity.

Since then, the Sole Sisters brand has developed into a household name in Halifax and surrounding maritime towns.  Each year, the series of race events consistently draws more than 3000 women from across the country and beyond.

This brand is a natural evolution from its Gazelle-based roots. Both programs aim to create an inclusive environment that promotes the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the mental health benefits of physical activity and community for girls and women.


Brands going great things

The Event

The main event is untimed, eliminating the pressure and intimidation that can sometimes deter less experienced runners or walkers.  When you add in chocolate stops, fire fighters, hugs and the best damn swag in the industry, it is the perfect recipe for an event that has evolved into a strong and powerful brand.

For Stacy, however, the business aspect is not where she is most focused.  “There are better businesses, but they’re not about the people.  Sole Sisters is about the people.” She says as we have coffee in a crowded café.  Her passion is palpable, you can feel it in the air as she sits across the table regaling stories from the past seven years of race events.

As the race grew in popularity, so did Stacy’s dedication to the experience she was providing. She pays meticulous detail to race attributes to ensure the event is accessible to all women, regardless of physical fitness level or lifestyle.  To bring women together in the months leading up to the event, she began organizing socials across Nova Scotia.  Creating an experience that women couldn’t wait to be a part of, joining in droves, as teams, as families.

At the heart of it all, however, is the one-of-a-kind Sole Sisters race kit.  Each year, the kits feature a signature purple tutu, (of which a new design debuts each year), the most blinged-up metals in the country (maybe the world?) and running shirts and gear that actually fit AND you’ll want to wear again.  Vendor partners are researched extensively to ensure that they fit the race series brand and mandate; improving the lives of women and girls.


Brands doing great things



It’s often a family affair!

The Brand

This brand story is woven with tales of success and personal growth. One that sticks out in Stacy’s mind, and still brings her to tears when retelling, is the tale of two sisters that she coached as Gazelles who had graduated to become Sole Sisters Ambassadors. She remembers a day when they were attending one of the social events leading up to the event. The two were brimming with excitement as they had finally convinced their mother to join them.  Their mother, whom had previously felt that attending a race event was out of her realm of ability, was inspired by seeing others participating and seeing this and the excitement and confidence that her daughters had gained gave her the courage to participate herself.  These type of full circle experiences happen every year at the Sole Sisters events and it is powerful.


Brands doing great things  



Sole Sisters Ambassadors!

  The event continues to grow, year over year.  This growth is largely attributed to word of mouth exposure, a true indicator of the level of establishment and strength the brand holds. Additionally, successful social campaigns like #betheinspiration, #runHER and #TutuPower have shown success by disarming the common fears associated with participating in a race of this nature and making it an experience that is available for every woman.

As the success of the Sole Sisters brand grows, so does the amount of time and effort to continuously offer an empowering and rewarding experience for its participants.  Stacy doesn’t mind though.  While we wrap up our chat, she casually throws out “If there is something that you can love, it’s ok to work all the time.  You have to have authentic passion to be successful.”

Girl, is she right.







If you’d like more information on the Sole Sisters Race Series, you can find their website here. 





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