For many companies, the difference between their brand perception and how they present themselves can be muddy. This often weakens or in some cases, even destroys a brand’s integrity. The key to ensuring that your corporate identity and image match up is to build a branding strategy that is based on corporate culture. When a company truly represents their the true values and vision through their brand strategy, a strong and consistent corporate identity is born.

At Every Day I’m Branding, we work with you to ensure that your company culture shines through in every aspect of your brand voice. What type of emotion and action does your logo evoke? How do certain type faces work together and who will respond to them? Where is your company showing up on issues that are important to your audience? These are the types of questions we ask when putting together your corporate identity strategy.

Building a strong Corporate Identity

If you have a set of corporate values, this is a great place to start. Making sure that the internal structure that drives your business comes through in your branding strategy is what we do best. If you don’t yet have a value system in place, download our free Value Workbook to get started! We’ll work with you to bring your values to live through imagery, positioning, targeted campaigns and overall voice and messaging.

Consistent outputs build trust and promote loyalty.

Companies with a strong corporate directive have a defined road map that each stakeholder can rely on. This ensures that your outputs are consistent regardless of who is generating them. Internally, it creates a framework that drives all messaging and decision making. Externally, it provides a predictable and familiar platform for clients and potential clients to engage with.

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