Having relatable and engagement-focused content is imperative to increasing your overall reach.   However, creating, sourcing and scheduling content is time consuming and resource heavy.  At Every Day I’m Branding Inc., we work with you, using your company’s mandate as the basis for your content strategy.  Acting as your voice, we will speak directly to your client in a specifically crafted dialog, designed to be relatable and proven to encourage interaction, engagement and conversion.

Our standard social content plan includes any combination of the following services, however, we are happy to put together a customized plan for you!


‘Socially Acceptable’

Managing social media profiles can be overwhelming and time consuming.  Let Every Day I’m Branding Inc. take care of your social worries with a content generation and monitoring package.

Your social package can include any combination of the following:

  • Account set-up (Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Account page design (Profile photo/Cover photo)
  • Content Calendar template
  • Content generation plan
  • Ongoing account maintenance – content generation and posting on your behalf

‘Everyday Social’

As a leader or business owner, you live and breathe your brand EVERY DAY. Why not take your everyday actions and use them to create impactful social content?

If you’re looking for an easy to use tool to help you plan and create social content in under 5 minutes a day, this is the plan for your!  Everyday Social’s line of content calendars include built-in content prompts designed to increase engagement without having to outsource expertise or add extra time to your day!

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