I love working with other creatives!

I began my creative career as a marketing executive in the beauty industry. As the salon marketing and branding Director I worked with many stylists and other beauty enthusiasts. As a result, projects like this are almost like a coming home for me.

Elizabeth was looking for a fresh new look for a very successful and established salon brand. Working with lighter shades and infusing white space enabled us to give the brand a new look and take on a new life!

As Elizabeth’s business continues to grow, this new branding will be able to grow with her, its timeless lines and space will be relevant for many years to come. To accompany the new brand mark, we build a new web presence. Again, using white space and clean lines to draw attention to the content on the site.

You can see the full site here: www.personalmage.style

I can’t wait to see where you’ll go!