Content Creation is Queen

Here is what I know about content creation:

Content creation, that is, the planning, developing and scheduling of content takes time and energy. Time and energy that, for most business owners, they would rather use elsewhere.

That’s where I come in.

I help business owners reach their ideal markets through thoughtful and conversion-driven content creation.

Throughout my career, I have worked with over 60 brands and have created content for countless websites and social media accounts. As a result, I have developed a unique and proprietary approach to social media strategy and planning.

In it, I use a customized matrix comprised of elements from each of my proven content quadrants. Client content plans maximize the reach, engagement and conversion ability of each social media posting.

Each content plan begins with a monthly content calendar. The calendar has a detailed outline of weekly themes and a suggested daily post topics combining both curated and created items. Customized content designed to speak to their target base, allows for more engagement and interaction.

Clients have raved about the freedom that these plans have created. In fact, they have revelled at the hours that have opened up to focus on the revenue generating activities they enjoy most. If you’d like to chat about your content creation plan, please reach out!