East Coast Dance Academy

East Coast Dance Academy

Website : ECDA

Andrea was looking for a total revamp of the ECDA site. Using footage from various performances, we created a dynamic video compilation to use as the featured slider, capturing viewer attention immediately as they enter the site.

The site also features several animated photo galleries, online registration, studio information, class descriptions and teacher bios. We brought in their instagram feed to bring more attention to their social media and also allowing for new content to appear every time a viewer revisits the site.

The look is clean and the punch of movement when you visit the site really brings the entire project to life!

Content Creation is Queen

Content Creation is Queen

Here is what I know about content creation:

Content creation, that is, the planning, developing and scheduling of content takes time and energy. Time and energy that, for most business owners, they would rather use elsewhere.

That’s where I come in.

I help business owners reach their ideal markets through thoughtful and conversion-driven content creation.

Throughout my career, I have worked with over 60 brands and have created content for countless websites and social media accounts. As a result, I have developed a unique and proprietary approach to social media strategy and planning.

In it, I use a customized matrix comprised of elements from each of my proven content quadrants. Client content plans maximize the reach, engagement and conversion ability of each social media posting.

Each content plan begins with a monthly content calendar. The calendar has a detailed outline of weekly themes and a suggested daily post topics combining both curated and created items. Customized content designed to speak to their target base, allows for more engagement and interaction.

Clients have raved about the freedom that these plans have created. In fact, they have revelled at the hours that have opened up to focus on the revenue generating activities they enjoy most. If you’d like to chat about your content creation plan, please reach out!

Salon Marketing: Personal Image

Salon Marketing: Personal Image

Salon Marketing

I began my creative career as a salon marketing executive in the beauty industry. As the salon Marketing and Branding Director I worked with many stylists and other beauty enthusiasts. As a result, projects like this are almost like a coming home for me.

I love working with other creatives!

Elizabeth was looking for a fresh new look for a very successful and established salon brand. Working with lighter shades and infusing white space enabled us to give the brand a new look and take on a new life!

As Elizabeth’s business continues to grow, this new branding will be able to grow with her, its timeless lines and space will be relevant for many years to come. To accompany the new brand mark, we build a new web presence. Again, using white space and clean lines to draw attention to the content on the site.

You can see the full site here: www.personalmage.style

Making sure clients can find important salon information easily and efficiently played a large part in the site layout. An expandable menu allows for multiple price tables on one page. Enabling the user to easily move between service listings.

I can’t wait to see where you’ll go!

The Parlour

The Parlour

Working with Jacquelyn LeRue, Founder and Director at The Parlour Salon is like working with a true style visionary. Her boutique salon is located in the prestigious Larry Uteck development of Bedford. The Parlour prides itself on offering only the best. The best stylists, the best product lines, and the best blow-outs!

Jacquelyn was looking for a web presence that better represented the sophisticated and professional service The Parlour team offer their guests. We infused personality by using colourful images from one of their signature product lines. For balance we used a generous amount of white space and small accents. As a result, we were able to put together a website that truly represents The Parlour.

We built an e-commerce enabled site to accommodate a new membership program that allows guests to purchase directly from the site. Thinking proactively, we also built in the ability to include online booking should that become something they would like to consider in the future.

You can see the full site here: www.parloursalon.ca



Amanda Wallace is an artist and Interior Designer living in Calgary, Alberta. Amanda was looking for a website that could be completely dedicated to her art and design services as her practices grows.

To properly showcase her art, we built an e-commerce capable site where she can add products, sort by category or attribute, control inventory, take custom orders and showcase her interior design portfolio.

You can see the entire site here: www.designbyamanda.ca

Point Pleasant Child Care Centre

Point Pleasant Child Care Centre

Point Pleasant Child Care Centre (PPCCC) is an organization that is close to my heart. My son attended for several years and I also served on the board for a few more once he had graduated to ‘big kid’ school.

Having recently completed a positioning exercise, a new narrative was built around their mission statement, ‘Passionate about Possibility’. To complete this further defined positioning, they needed a more streamlined website to accommodate the ever present waiting list and allow prospective parents to have a small glimpse into the wonder they cultivate each day.